Intro 1:31 Megan Stuart Rogers
Dancing In The Kitchen 4:09 Megan and Dodge Rogers, Jono Stuart, Tyler Stuart
John Kanaka 3:31 Muriel Curtis & The Station Maine Chanty Singers
Across the Great Divide 4:59 Pixie Lauer w Nick Apollonio & Tom Judge
All The Good People 5:38 Nick Apollonio & Kristin Tescher
Linden Lea 5:07 Castlebay
Would You Have Time 5:23 George Stephens & Kathy Westra
Carrying Nelson Home 8:28 Kendall & Jacqui Morse
Interlude 1:16
A Pixie 4:45 Tom Judge & Susan Groce w Nick Apollonio & Will Brown
Camp A Little While In the Wilderness 7:17 Riki Schneyer
Madrecita & Chegada 6:39 Gordon Bok & Carol Rohl
Farewell to Facebook 3:54 Anne Dodson & Matt Szostak w Will Brown

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