The Rain Song 6:04 Boys From County Nashville Celtic Tribute To Led Zeppelin
The Silencers 2:12 Elmer Bernstein The Silencers – ST
Rain 3:02 The Beatles Unknown Album (1/3/2008 11:00:16 PM)
Too Long In The Wasteland 4:02 James McMurtry Too Long In The Wasteland
See The Sky About To Rain 5:03 Neil Young On the Beach
Anthem 6:09 Leonard Cohen The Future
The Rainbow Chase 1:06 Dave Paffhausen
Euclid Alone Has Looked On Beauty Bare by Edna St. Vincent Millay 1:13 Sam Beam (Iron Wine)
Ashes Of Life (Wine From These Grapes 1934) 3:07 Liz Queler & Seth Farber The Edna Project
Suddenly Last Summer 3:39 The Motels Breaking Bad Season 1
American Without Tears 4:34 The Costello Show Feat. The Attractions & Confederates King Of America
Back Down 4:10 Bob Moses Battle Lines
Shining Face 4:15 The Bills Yes Please
Toad Away 3:19 Firesign Theatre Shoes for Industry! The Best of the Firesign Theatre Disc 2
The Christmas Song 4:12 Hampton String Quarter What If Mozart Wrote, “Have Yourself Merry Christmas”

Happy Hour edit 2:19 The Housemartins London 0 Hull 4
Come Get Your Lonesome 3:10 Bearfoot American Story
Twisting By The Pool 3:31 Dire Straits The Ultimate Best Of Dire Straits [Remastered]
Rainbow’s End 4:26 Bob Stuart Rainbow’s End
Out in the Woods 7:15 Drew Emmitt Across The Bridge
And I Love Her (Mi Gran Amor Le Di) 3:19 José ‘el Canario’ Alberto José ‘el Canario’ Alberto
Toast and Marmalade for Tea 2:26 Tin Tin Tin Tin
Love in Wartime 5:50 Birds of Chicago Love in Wartime
Foreigner Suite 18:21 Cat Stevens Foreigner
And I Love Her 5:25 John Abercrombie Come Together: Guitar Tribute

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