Where, o where, has the senator gone?

Quick answer: To public forums in Thailand, Switzerland, Lithuania, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Canton, New York.

But, not to Thomaston, Maine…


“They emailed, they phoned, and they drove to Bangor and Augusta, all in an effort to schedule a local town hall with Senator Susan Collins.”



“Mainers have many questions for Senator Susan Collins, and we want her to hear our sincere concerns. Unfortunately, after 72 days of requesting a public town hall session with Senator Collins, and 72 days of being either ignored or refused, Midcoast Maine Indivisible has no choice but to hold one with or without her in attendance. We have cordially invited Senator Collins to our town hall on Thursday April 20, 6:30 pm in Thomaston. If she attends, everyone will have a chance to ask her questions directly. If Senator Collins refuses to attend, we will still ask our questions, witness her non-response, and share our unresolved questions with the world.”



“This past Thursday evening, residents of a number of towns in and close to Thomaston, Maine filtered in to the old Watts Hall on the second floor along Main Street to hold a town hall. The format was designed to enable Senator Susan Collins to listen to her constituents, with everyone given two minutes to speak and the proceedings designed to go on until everyone was heard. Senator Collins chose not to come despite multiple invitations, but the 165 attendees didn’t let that stop them: they took video of each question and will send that video to Senator Collins so that she is able to answer them regardless.” (Ed note: The video is available at this link)





On the other hand…


In addition to that stellar accomplishment, we have strong, upright, and clear representation from Senator Collins.



(Meanwhile, the latest from the 2nd district’s Bruce Poliquin)



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