Ah – Summer has moved on…but, hey, lasting forever is not a seasonal specialty…

“mono no aware” – the melancholic, yet beautiful transience of all things…




Theme From A Summer Place 2:19 Bill Justis Alley Cat / Green Onions
The Silencers 2:12 Elmer Bernstein The Silencers – ST
One Summer Night 3:58 Ariel Pink pom pom
The Other Side Of Summer 3:54 Elvis Costello Mighty Like A Rose
Time Passes Slowly 2:36 Bob Dylan New Morning
Edna Fest Farnsworth Dave Morrison 4 9:31 Dave Morrison Edna Fest Farnsworth 2018
Your Life is Your life: Go all the way 2:51 Charles Bukowski The Laughing Heart / Roll The Dice
Thou Art Not Lovelier (1), O Think Not I Am Faithful (10), I Know I Am But Summer (27) 2:36 Judith Anderson Poetry of Edna St Vincent Millay, Caedmon TC 1024
Over and Over 5:21 Rachael Yamagata Elephant…Teeth Sinking Into Heart
It Doesn’t Have To Be Okay 2:59 Dina Maccabee The Sharpening Machine
Learnin the Blues 3:23 Del McCoury Band Del & The Boys
Summer Side Of Life 4:06 Gordon Lightfoot Gord’s Gold
DE LA PEINE PAS DE CHAGRIN (Summer Breeze) 3:20 CLAUDE FRANCOIS Je viens diner ce soir
Wait The Scientist 3:44 M83, Kygo vs Coldplay
Christmas Times a Comin 3:20 Guitar Holiday Strings Down Home Country Christmas Instrumentals


Happy Hour edit 2:19 The Housemartins London 0 Hull 4
Go 2:27 The Black Keys Let’s Rock
Whistle While You Work 3:24 Seven Dwarfs originally Victor 25736
Fleet Is Off to Dreamland 2:39 Megan Stuart Rogers Morningtown Ride
The Golden Vanity 3:57 Iona Fyfe Dark Turn of Mind
I’m A Rover 3:22 Province Of Thieves Weight Of The Sky
Summer Painter – – 6:31 Bill Callahan
River of Love 3:11 Amy Helm This Too Shall Light
Mohammed’s Radio 3:43 Warren Zevon A Quiet Normal Life The Best Of Warren Zevon
Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins cover) 4:25 Sara Lov I Already Love You
In My Life 2:57 Bess Rogers Anchor (Single)
For You Blue 2:28 The Beatles Let It Be… Naked [Disc 1]
It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes) 3:01 World Party Private Revolution
Summer Rain 3:53 Johnny Rivers Sngl
God Only Knows (Stereo Mix) 2:55 The Beach Boys Pet Sounds [Bonus Tracks]
Getting Better 3:04 Les Fradkin Pepper Front to Back



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